days of lessons -lesson 1- AWS instances

Since returning from LS11 I have been simply swamped with work, but it has been very trying work, and I have made quite a few mistakes, thankfully these have been turned into lessons, the first one is to do with Amazon Web Services.

Now AWS is a very good service, but they do assume that you are not a prat (in my case its not a valid assumption), do NOT make any assumptions with them, take everything they say at face value, so “Terminate” does not mean “force a shutdown” it means TERMINATE

The evil Ben Poole has been sending me links since I terminated LDC’s primary instance (but as he had bang up to date replicas of the Db’s we were working on, I can hardly complain), the most useful of them are this one and this one

but in summary:

1) YOU may treat an instance as mealy a virtual server, but amazon don’t, they treat it more like a temporary session on their system, and will delete it instantly on the bases of one button click (plus conformation)
3) Turn on instance protection (found under the instance management menu in the AWs web console)
4) The nice little “Volume” (or drive) that is automatically created when you make a instance, only lasts as long as the instances life, if you terminate the instance it will delete (while you watch and cry), assigned proper extra ones
5) As soon as you are happy with you instances set-ups, build AMI (templates) of it and take snap shots of your volumes (in addition to backups)

nuff said

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