Native Linux Client for Notes

The Native Linux Client for Notes has been giving me real grief since i moved to mint 11/ Ubuntu 11.04 and in a huff I decided i would swap to a wine version of the 8.5.3 windows client (thus giving me the admin and dev client to boot)

Thankfully this has not proved difficult and although there are still some bugs/hiccups all the core functionality works just peachy

**Please note this is just Part 1, as its not a perfect walk though, more like a hack to get things working, i will clean it up and do a proper part 2***

1) Make sure you are running wine 1.3, i had a bunch of problems with earlier versions, that mainly showed them selves as an extremely slow start up time, if you are getting this but dont want to update, you can get around it by running “wineboot -update” from a command line, this cured the problem for me (until the next reboot). if you get this problem even after updating to 1.3, then unfortunately your going to have to clear out wine (un-install it, and rename the hidden “.wine” directory in your home directory and restart) as there seems to be something wrong with an early windows Dll that causes this (i will investigate)

2) just install on notes on wine as normal ( make sure your install .exe is set to “allow executing as a program” and is set to open with the “wine windows program loader” ,

I tried this multiple times and often got one of 3 errors, a critical “setdiretory()” which thankfully seemed limited to the older vewrsion of wine and seemed related to a timeout on the setting of a property, an “an unexpected error occurred while processing the provision manifest” this happened just after it had put the icons on the desktop, thankfully this can be ignored. and most irritating of all it seemed to stop you from selecting the admin and dev clients for install. faced with such buggery, I decided to cheat and simply copied the notes program and data directory off my 8.5.3 windows install and bunged it straight in the “/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/IBM/Lotus” directory in my home directory, after which all the errors went away (i mean Completely away I was able to reinstall just fine, so i am presuming that future updates are going to go rather well as well)

Obviously the whole “just copy it over” presumes that you have got default locations for your data directory (or know how to butcher you notes.ini), if people want instructions on how to setup a separate D: on wine tell me in the comments

3) Launching is a little bit of fun, the default icons created only partially work, and have a slight habit of getting stuck in a loop (the progress bar just keeps looping) on the developer and client applications, and normal Linux shortcuts don’t launch properly, (yes yes i will find out why and fix) so I’m launching the exe directory from the notes folder as of this morning, but the prgrams work just find a load REALLY fast

I am still going though and looking for additional things that are broke, but so far my list is

  • Drag and drop file attach
  • Sometimes the right click menu appears a couple of inches away from when you clicked it
  • You cant launch dev and admin applications from the basic client, but can launch them directly no problemfinally as a bit of proof, here’s it running on my machine (this blog entry was done from that instance)Domino Loading on Linux via wine from mark myers on Vimeo.


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