Hearing it again, out with the old in with the new

Its funny how history repeats its self, I was listening to the Grails Podcast 122 and listening to the netflix boys describing their working enviroment and the features they used, these include

  • Rapid Application Deployment (Groovy and Grail’s)
  • Everybody building apps all over the place
  • Timed jobs (Quartz)
  • Shared infrastructure (AWS)
  • None Relational Data storage (simpleDB and Cassandra)It sounds as if they are really getting stuff done and making things work for them and growing all the time with the best they can get hold of, I have heard this before, last time was in the heyday of lotus notes.Draw you own conclusions.but mine are:
  • If you think your way is the best and only way, then you have not looked around in the last 5 mins.
  • Always look to grow and change, treat it as fun rather than a challenge.

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Jerry Carter(06/04/2011 17:02:05 GDT)

+1 esp. facing change. learned just this week that crutches can be used to turn off lights, activate the power lock toggle on the car door, as a temporary door stop and to entertain children. Oh, and keep weight off a blown out hip.

More in line with this post though, some of the concepts that have come along in the past ten years really make what we already know how to use more useful if we’re willing to take the time to understand and embrace them, even if only for the duration of a single project.

Mark Myers(06/04/2011 21:45:23 GDT)

sage words Jerry sage words!!

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