My First Full Lotusphere session

Woop Woop, I have my first full Lotusphere session! I will be presenting a Show ‘n’ Tell entitled “Write Better Java Code: Debugging, Logging, and Unit Tests” with the great Julian Robichaux, the master of openlog (a tool I use on every Domino app I write)

Anyway, quickly onto the point of this blog entry: After every conference’s sessions are announced there is the usual “it’s only the same set of people that get them each year” grumbles. However, 4 years ago I was not part of the Lotus community at all and this year I get to present properly at IBM’s leading collaboration event and scare the living shit out of myself in front of hopefully not too many people, so how?

  • I did my local LUG circuit (UKLUG & ILUG) which incuded rejections and one total cock up 🙁 .
  • I did LotusIdol last year (a year in which I purchased my own ticket).
  • I followed Gab Turtle’s guidelines on writing abstracts, then passed my attempts round to a couple of peers.This year I submitted 3 abstracts (2 joint) and got 1 session. Of the other 2, 1 had to be retracted due to time conflicts with my co-submitter, the other was a tad fringe and a bit of a gamble, but I may try it again on a LUG this year.

    Soooo, Lotusphere is not a closed shop, new people present each year, and I’m one of that lucky number.

Old Comments

Mark Myers(05/12/2011 23:43:48 GMT)

@joe and to a drink together after

Joe Litton(05/12/2011 23:38:36 GMT)

Your session last year (LotusIdol) was great. Looking forward to your session at LS12!!

Mark Myers(05/12/2011 23:36:29 GMT)

@David @Bruce thank you VERY much

Bruce(05/12/2011 23:34:42 GMT)

Mark – congratulations!!!!!!!! ROCK STAR

David Leedy(05/12/2011 23:22:15 GMT)

Congrats Mark! Looking forward to your session!

Mike McGarel(06/12/2011 00:43:22 GMT)


Paul Withers(06/12/2011 00:11:20 GMT)

Congratulations, well deserved and a great topic. Looking forward to it

Mary Beth Raven(06/12/2011 03:44:29 GMT)

Congratulations!I volunteer to check all of your “bad grammer” 🙂 and I am sure you’ll do a great job because you’ll be speaking about a topic you know and that you feel passionate about. See you there. I volunteer to sit in first row and heckle you:)

Carl Tyler(06/12/2011 06:20:20 GMT)

Hard to believe its your first time. You’ll be great.

Mark Barton(06/12/2011 09:30:29 GMT)

Well done Mark – I know Java is a subject close to your heart.

Ben Poole(06/12/2011 08:12:29 GMT)

Congratulations old bean; LS won’t know what hit it! I wish I could be there to heckle.

Mark Myers(06/12/2011 07:50:36 GMT)

thank you every one, im sure Julian will be gentle with me

Mark Myers(06/12/2011 10:19:05 GMT)

@ben i wish you were there as well

@Mark same goes for you, it would be awesome

ChrisC(06/12/2011 13:17:27 GMT)

Congrats Mark – look forward to attending!

Mark Myers(06/12/2011 15:43:19 GMT)

thanks Chris, i better make it a good one

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