Drop Box on Servers

I like Dropbox, just about everyone I know uses it all the time, but one place I think it is under utilised is on the server, by this I don’t mean big corporate infrastructures, I mean cloud based servers or multiple hosted servers, a perfect example was last weeks migration, LDC were moving a box from one hosting provider to another, to transfer the data I merely split rar’ed it up on the current box (giving the rar creation directory as a folder on drop box), and grinned when I saw it appearing on the new server (the speed was comparable to FTP and with far less manual work)

but before that, we have found drop box invaluable on a daily basis for admin work, lets look at a couple of the directories on our Admin Drop Box account

“Source” – This Contains all the current software and patches that we use on our servers, not only does this mean that its very easy to get patches to all servers (download it once on my pc and drop it in), and that you never have to think “where can i get the patch from” when on a server, but if you install dropbox first when you are building a new box, all the files you need are there straight away.

“Restore” – Explains its self, how often have you restored a file and its on your local machine rather than a server or vs versa.

“Docs” – contains all the aide memoire’s that you always seem to need at the worst times when fixing a server, contains text files of ip address, network settings and any other relevant documentation that you MIGHT need, again, easy to keep up to date, just change it once on your local machine.

All data is transferred over SSL so ports are not a problem and the data is as secure as anything can be in our connected world.

why make your life difficult.

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