More Amazon Web Services lessons

At LDC towers we use AWS a great deal and have a habit of trying every variation of their services as we can, on the basis of “better we learn lessons on our servers, rather than clients”, one of our dev servers was built on windows 2008 64bit, and unfortunately it turns out that you can only have small and medium instances on 32bit instances not on 64bit (this applies to the Linux instances as well),



This means that unless you are willing to pay about ~$200 per month, stick to 32bit (unless you can live in under 613meg of ram)

Thankfully it was very easy to swap back thanks to the lessons we have already learnt:

  • Use Elastic IP (to have a static IP address that you can simply assign to any instance is worth its weight in gold)
  • Keep all data possible on Persistent volumesSo we could simply stop the instance, create a new one (32bit), reassign our Elastic IP and Persistent Volumes to the new instance, and just install the core programs dependancies (all our data,config and installers are kept on the volumes),

    Total time to swap ~15 mins (10 of this was the windows build)….Sweet

    oh a quick side note, you might suffer some rights issue on reassigned volumes (regarding both the ownership and rights of files), if your a Linux boy this will be no issue as you will long be used to the Chown and Chmod commands, but if your doing this on windows and a complete none admin or GUI person, you might find it a bit frustrating (the Windows GUI tools for rights always seem to throw up spurious errors and run soooo slow), however Windows 2008 finally provides fast command line tools in the shape of

    takeown /f d:directory*.* /d y

    icacls d:directory*.* /grant administrators:F

    hope that helps.

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