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On Friday I got an amazon parcel, it turned out to be “the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook” and was sent by Andrew Magerman , its appearance has quite made my week!!, my first gift from a friend i have made from the lotus community and related to a blog post Tooo!, awesome!
after some though this turns out to be not quite true:

  • There was the Lotusphere tickets from Elguji software (Bruce and Gale , Matt ).
  • Thank you presents from speaking at various LUGs (Warren and Kitty , Paul Mooney).
  • Being involved in great new projects (Mark Barton , Keith Brooks).
  • The Hangovers (Bill Buchan , Steve McDonagh, and various lotus people i can only just remember).
  • Constant assistance mixed with abuse from LDC (Ben Poole,Julian Woodward etc al).
  • and never ending help for my gross stupidity from various member of the community at large.I spend time with various members of different tech community’s (Java,flex,NoSQL), but the Lotus one is the friendliest and the best and i don’t care who knows that I have purged the niceness from my soul i can go back to being an arse and picking on Ben Poole

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Keith Brooks(12/06/2011 04:30:07 GDT)

That’s what friends are for.

Andrew Magerman(15/06/2011 12:02:02 GDT)

You’re welcome!

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