ITunes and Adobe air

Using adobe Air on multiple different clients brings its own challenges particularly if your interacting with the client machines underlying File system and other programs that make their home there, case in point, on an AIR application LDC wrote, once an file is download it is checked to see if it is “all present and Correct” via details provided from the source server,

It would appear after some investigation that the ITunes monitoring of its “Automatically add to iTunes” folder is fast, really fast, it consistently beats an action script complete event to getting a new file handle, as with 14 days of lessons: lesson 2: Adobe Air and AV its a sod to catch nicely, thankfully the folder name is consistent so we are left with

if (currentFilePath.toLowerCase().indexOf("automatically add to itunes") > -1 ) {
    //bloody iTunes will have grabbed the sodding thing by now, cope with it!!

I feel slightly dirty and its not exactly MENSA code, but it works and the client’s users are happy 🙂

As normal hope it spares someone some pain

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