New Anime Series- Penguin Drum

First Episode Review for: Penguin Drum

Summary : A loving and quirky family of 2 older brothers and their younger sister (no parents), is thrown into chaos when the sister is given months to live…. enter the super penguins

Animation : Very bright and ‘primary’, tiny bit rough around the edges but it looks like that was done on purpose. The representation of stuff such as crowds and train travel is an unusual and pleasant touch. (such as flying station signs to denote train travel, and the picture below for crouds )


Plot Potential: I have no idea where it’s going plot-wise but quite frankly it’s original and fun enough not to need one at this stage

Characters: Well done writers, there is nothing particularly original about these characters, but they feel fresh and new

Music: good catchy music, not quite “buy the album”, but I definitely turn up the sound on the credits

Reminds me of: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Overall:Madder than a sack of ferrets, and twice as entertaining, judging by the laughter coming from the female contingent of the room this one’s a winner


Disclaimer: These are mini reviews of anime that are fresh out in Japan and are not licensed in the UK, buy them once they have been licensed or at the very least buy the merchandise, remember if the anime makers make a loss, THEY WILL STOP MAKING ANIME!!

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