New Anime Series- Sacred Seven

First Episode Review for: Sacred Seven

Summary : Loner with repressed super powers is recruited by super powerful corporation to save the world from ancient forces of evil ….. CLASSIC!!!

Animation : Really Really good, that nice mix of bright colours and high details, and no badly overlaid CGI that I could see

Plot Potential: Good traditional anime, “against the forces of evil” plot, hero with full blown “off the charts” super powers, bad buys that kill with no remorse and no pause (which is rarer)

Characters: Excellent characters, with the right mix of serious plot oriented ones and cheerful, likable people, I was grinning at the screen within 6 Min’s

Music: At last a soundtrack I want to go and buy and listen to in its own right

Overall: I thoroughly enjoyed this, its got everything a good anime should have, and the good guys initial super powered suit is really original, it even includes just the right amount of “fan service”, I will be waiting for this to come out each week, and it would be perfect for western audiences (providing they don’t screw up the dubbing)


Disclaimer: These are mini reviews of anime’s that are fresh out in Japan and are not licensed in the UK, buy them once they have been licensed or at the very least buy the merchandise, remember if the anime makers make a loss, THEY WILL STOP MAKING ANIME!!

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