Google Apps Google and the second class citizens

Now I’m a big fan of Google and it’s associated applications. But recently there have been a few cracks that are causing me to reevaluate them as a supplier. mainly to do with their treatment of paying customers, if you have recommended Gmail for domains to a client and they have moved lock stock and barrel on to it. The last thing you want is for them to phone you up six months down the line and ask why they can’t use some feature that they want to use, and I’m not talking about fringe stuff we are talking about

The android app store.
Google groups

Not only is this embarrassing when dealing with said clients, but those of us that have thrown our lot in with google can’t use our primary email /account with the latest features. so we either have to lag behind the cutting edge and wait for Google to fix the problem or we have to double up on the accounts which makes us look unprofessional (and don’t give me any rubbish about Google’s recent account consolidation exercise, all that did is screw up the secondary accounts that we had already set up forcing us to recreate our secondary accounts as the merged accounts were missing the features we needed)

So Google. I realise you’re not going to give a damn about this but please don’t treat your paying customers as second class citizens. We are your friends and the perfect people to release new features to first.
Because at the moment when presenting cloud mail/app options to a client, when talking about ‘google apps for domains’, under ‘disadvantages’ it will read ‘Google won’t care about you and you will be the last to get the cool stuff ‘

P.S. its still not as bad as being an IBM partner

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Sjaak Ursinus(26/07/2011 10:17:07 GDT)

Well at least IBM listen’s to you  they just say they don’t do it because its not commercially interestingwh but at least they listen

Mark Myers(26/07/2011 11:10:12 GDT)

@sjaak Oooooo cutting

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