August’s 1st Tuesday Club

Last Tuesday was a great night at the 1st Tuesday club hosted by Information Security Solutions, as normal the conversations ranged from the intensely technical all the way through company purchasing patterns in the security market and ended up chatting about beautiful hikes around England, I was treated to an explanation on a super simple corporate CMS that minimises the chance for user errors resulting in unsecured documents (as we often see with share point) and got to catch up on all things security based. the sponsor for the night was HP who with their acquisition of Arcsight seemed to have really rounded off their portfolio of recently acquired security companies and had brought someone from each group along, all of them doing that tricky balancing act of being there to represent their company while not at any time doing any form of hard sell (Rob from Arksight was a particularly interesting person to talk to) it was a good thing that HP had not brought more people as it was packed with the waiters really earning their money keeping everyone’s glasses full and maintain a constant flow of food.

All in all a great night with good company that showed that HP is serious about the security arena.

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