Scalaz and a little brain melt

Another night, another Skills matter freebie, tonight’s dish is on practical Scalaz (which is a bolt on to normal Scala ). Served up by Chris Marshall ( @oxbow_lakes), This was a very sane and straight talking presentation dealing with both the good and bad of Scalaz. Covering the following topics:

-Data types
-Not having to do java folds
-Endo types

it was a very heavy talk, strong on the pure code and maths, more than once I had to go look up a word that was being used to get its precise definition, I was grateful that skills matter record all of these sessions as I really had concentrate rather than take notes (in fact I will have to go back and have another go at it as there were some parts that were beyond me).

The audience seemed to be split 50/50 on people that knew the stuff and those that were struggling to follow, a pleasant change to the normal “introduction To xxx” that assume every body is a idiot.
All in all the talk was very well given and was as clear as was humanly possible given the subject matter, i would advise people to go and watch it here, even if you don’t want to understand Scala or Scalaz, because if you have ever seen the programming roles on job sites with huge pay rates but demand “investment Banking experience” being able to follow this kind of stuff is why!

P.S. a good introducton to Scalaz can be found here

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