Domino 8.5

Right, i’m finally writing this on Linux, i’ve installed the 8.5 client (no dev or admin in it yet!! booo) and it was much easier than I expected, there are distro packages for all the major formats (debain/umbutu, RPM/redhat ISMP/InstallShield MutliPlatform), and they install as easily as any windows program (easier in fact as you don’t have to worry where the data directory is going to go as it puts it in the root of your current home directory),

Running it is easy as well, though it has that distinctive “I was written in Java UI, what a shame!!” feel about it, also its still a bit slow loading (but not running),so all in all a pleasent experience (pity about them hiding the bleeding spell checker and when I found it, it does not it work!!

Never mind, off to install the server

On a more interesting note pop over to Adam Gartenberg’s Blog and look at the his link for popping your CV in wordle, a fab idea, but produces a worrying result, think its time I re-did it. (ick!!)


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