NoSQL Training Day

I was lucky enough to win a free pass to the Skillsmatter NoSQL day on Wednesday, and with high expectations sat down notepad in hand ready to learn a shit load

While NoSQL in its current incarnation is a relatively new child, it is still a lot to squash into one day and it was a fast passed session list with ten min breaks between technical sessions, covering a wide range of subjects in the area, the complete list of talks and links to them on skills matters website is below, i urge you to go and watch them , my personal faves were the OGS and mongodb + scala session by Brendan McAdams, so if your only going to watch one or two, watch them.

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Rob Wills(07/11/2011 21:05:13 GMT)

Sean, the NoSQL DBMS products I use (Rocket U2 and Ladybridge OpenQM) allow multi-valued fields and secondary indices that can include null keys. This allows really efficient selections using indices but also the ability to do dynamic SQL-like selections that you couldn’t do easily in Notes. I’d be happy to demonstrate this as it could be integrated into XPages fairly easily.

Sean Cull(07/11/2011 18:08:37 GMT)

newbie question ( if you can be a NoSQL newbie after 15 years of Notes ? )

My big frustration with Notes at the moment is not being able to efficiently filter data in repeats / views with multiple filters active at once.

The problem is that my scheme needs multiple rows for the same record.

The other problem is that there is no practicable way to only show filter choices that actually correspond to data as opposed to null data sets.

How do modern NoSQL databases do this ?

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