Moving from Ubuntu to Mint Linux 11

Ubuntu has been the king of the hill as far as desktop Linux distros go for a while now, but with the recent UI changes and movement away from the gnome shell many people feel they have fumbled the ball a bit, I was one of them, I considered just replacing the UI with gnome 3 but I would have to do it every time 6 months, and as Bill Buchan often points out that’s a bit “hair shirt”, so i chose Mint Linux instead, as it seemed completely aimed at my kind of usage and is build off Ubuntu (mint 11 is based on ubuntu 11.04),

The install was fast and all hardware worked straight away (on a thinkpad w510), the UI is clean, crisp and very simple to use, it feels how people were hoping vista would be and how Win7 should be.

Good points

  • Stupidly fast, too fast in places as screens can change in less than the blink of an eye leaving you a tiny bit confused, but what a perfect way to be confused
  • 99% of all the debian/ubuntu stuff works flawlessly (vmware being the most important, Lotus Notes did not but I’m betting that’s an IBM oddity)
  • The built in programs are completely up to date, I installed the complete version which contained Media players and codex etc etc, and the issues that i had been fighting with on ubuntu with 10bit video were completely gone
  • PAE memory management works straight out of the box
  • As its built off ubuntu, if you have your old ubuntu home directoy backed up you can just restore it and all your setting are back in a snapBad points
  • The compiz window manager does not handle multiple screens very well particularly multiple xsessions, thankfully there is a fix Here
  • The new software manager that they are so proud of is a bit slow and clunky compared to Synaptic Package Manager, but you can use them interchangeably without any problem
  • I miss my second panelSooo, conclusion, if you use Linux as I do as a fast host to run your vmware images and do admin/web work then i completely recommend it,

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Joe Litton(20/11/2011 17:37:57 GMT)

Doing same here. I fear that Canonical’s desire to massage Ubuntu for mobile may have killed its usefulness for desktop. But as long as the Mint folks can keep basing on Ubuntu and offering such a nice UI, I’ll be happy Emoticon

Mark Myers(20/11/2011 17:57:13 GMT)

@joe though i would be interested if you could tell me if you can get notes to work, it installs and loads fine but wont render notes database to the screen when you open them Emoticon

Mark Myers(20/11/2011 17:54:26 GMT)

Cool, im really pleased with it, the speed is blowing me away, hope its good for you as well

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