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Due to a hatred of the new ubuntu UI (I like a desktop UI on my desktop rather than being forced to use a tablet layout), the time came to switch Linux version (in this case to Mint Linux as it has a nice simple UI but means I can still use all the debian packages)

As it was a complete wipe of the HDD, i noted down all my Linux apps for reinstall and figured that maybe one or 2 others might find the list useful

VMWare Workstation (without which Linux would not be a suitable desktop operating system for me)

Jungle Disk Backup (Desktop Version and Server Management)

Guake Terminal (a simple and persistent terminal on the hot key F12)

Btnx (mouse mapping deamon and GUI)

Thunar File Manager (very powerful file rename accepts regex)

Truecrypt (because only the paranoid survive, and i carry client data)

FileZilla (the de facto Linux FTP client)

EASYTAG (The best audio tager for Linux)

LYX Document Processor (a great GUI for LaTex word processing)

Prey (enabling you to disable/track/find lost electronic equipment)

Streamripper (command line Internet radio ripper)

Mainstream (thankfully ported to Linux)
Lotus Notes

Amnesia and Penumbra Games (quite the most shit my pants scary games ive every played esp Amnesia)
The humble bundle Games (i get them when ever there is a new bundle)

Linux Standard (Normally installed with most Linux distros now, but still used all the time.)
Libre Office
GNome Mplayer
Audacious (the best music player for Linux)
VLC (for the rare times Mplayer does not handle media)
Mozilla Thuderbird (for backing up my Gmail)

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Bill Malchisky(21/11/2011 03:49:18 GMT)

Nice list and post. Here are a few more apps that I use, which may be helpful as well.

Adobe Acrobat, Flash plugin
Transmission BitTorrent Client
Tomboy Notes
Tetravex, Sudoku, Klotski, gBrainy, Atomix (games)
Remmina Remote Desktop Client (the best)
Archive Manager
WiFi Radar

Mark Myers(21/11/2011 09:32:58 GMT)

Ooo like the “Remmina Remote Desktop Client” that one to use, thanks for the add ones, ill have a look at them.

have you tried the Amnesia game?

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