Taking Notes Episode 142

This is a brief ASW post*

I was kindly asked by Bruce Elgort to take part in the Taking Notes podcast No142 on behalf of LDC, where we discus the latest round of NoSQL databases and how they relate to IBMs offerings, it was a proud and nerve racking moment for me, so if for some reason, you’re in the IBM Domino community or interested in NoSQL and have not seen the pod cast listed under the Taking Notes Page or Bruces blog, you can find it here

  • Also Bruce wont leave me alone till I post it.

Old Comments

David Leedy(22/11/2011 19:17:59 GMT)

Great Episode!

Mark Myers(22/11/2011 18:45:06 GMT)

@sean it was an honour to be asked by bruce

Sean Cull(22/11/2011 18:38:27 GMT)

I really enjoyed this podcast. Its good to know what else is happening out there.

Bruce(22/11/2011 18:26:18 GMT)

You signed a contract 🙂

Mark Myers(22/11/2011 19:38:40 GMT)

@David, it strange ive find out that no one ever tells Bruce/Julian if they enjoy the episodes (well i cant see any comments on the blog)

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