Arcachon Bay

Arcachon Bay is one of our favourite areas in France, It is about 10 ml long and great for biking. On the map all the solid red lines are purpose made tarmac bike tracks.

We managed to cycled around most of the bay, this is a pic of Dune Du Pilat the tallest sand dune in Europe 108m.

We particular liked the Cape Ferret area of the bay

Well that will probably be it for this year we are going to Liz and Brians tomorrow (it will take 2 days) for a week then back home.

You know the summer has finished when Lidl has Xmas paper and decorations in.

P.S. as requested you can right click on a pic and open it larger in a new tab.

What a difference a year makes

last year at the Canadienne Arcachon bay.

this year

It was a wild night last night. It was a fantastic aire 9 individual bays with picnic seats facing the canal but in trees.

During the might the wind got up and bits of branches were dropping on the roof, waking us up with a start. There were 7 campers in when we went to bed by morning there were only 3. This is a picture of the camper roof in the morning the bigger branches had bounced off.

like of the day

Pizza take away in front of the aire.

dislike of the day

Cockerels on site that crow at 5am

The river Garonne

top tip

If the only map you have of a area is a very large and heavy road map. Take a pic with your phone, and you can just zoom in to see your route. We stayed at Villeton on the canal side.

We are now down on the river Garonne and canal that runs from Borbeaux through to the Med. They have made a fantastic tarmac cycle path that runs its full length, and great aires with good views of the

I visited a rural French car showroom and they some of there latest models out on the forecourt.

We had a funny day yesterday, we went for a great bike ride up the Lot and got back to St-Cirq about 2 so we decided to leave for the next aire, which we didn’t like nor the 2 after that. We ended up in a aire attached to a camp site that was closed. The 2 guys in the office were just leaving and didn’t seem interested, but they decided it was ok for us to stay and they turned the electric on for us. But best of all they gave me a free bottle of wine from the vineyard 100yds away, all in all pretty good for 8 euros.

St Cirq Lapopie

St-Cirq-Lapopie is the prettiest village in France and not a tourist shop to be seen only Artisan shops selling there own goods, and fantastic views.

The Lot valley is very dramatic, we walked down river this part of the path is cut into the cliff and a artist has cut shapes in the rock.

We drove along this road and through many arches like this. (this is the main road)

I think the building inspector missed the back of this house, when he checked the foundations.

They also grow tobacco but nobody is selling it on the roadside.

Rocamadour is noted as being one of the prettiest towns in France, well it is from a distance

It is full of tourist shops, Americans by the bus load are dropped of at the chateau at the top and picked up at the riverside car park. We were conned out of 8 euro, we parked at the aire at the top and the only way down looked like the funicular railway. We got on it took us half way down only 50m. Then we found out you can walk but there are no signs to tell you where the stairs are. The only good point was the aire was free (i’m getting a real cheapskate)

Bolton Abbey

Srid Wood, Bolton Abbey, North Yorks

I thought I would do a picture blog from yesterdays walk

The start of the walk at the entrance to strid wood

The strid

The warfe is 30ft deep here

The view of Turners famous landscape with Barton Tower in the distance

The Pavilion cafe and shop

Coming up to Bolton Priory

Bolton priory

Wood carvers set up in the woods

Lunch stop

Half way crossing the old Bolton bridge

The unusual tradition of banging coins in old logs?

The foot bridge that takes you back to the Pavilion

Nearly back just having a rest

Looking back on the Aquaduct bridge

Back to the camper

Geriatric cyclists

Well it was a day to unleash the geriatric cyclists on to the tourists of the Lake District. We started the day by catching the car ferry from Bowness across Windermere.

Then along the Lakeside to Wray Castle then on to Hawkshead, and back to the ferry,a great day out.

The sun is shining the sky blue and we are in the Lake District. How lucky is that!! We spent the day as tourists walking down to the lake at Bowness, catching a boat up to Waterhead.

Then a very pleasant walk thro Ambleside to Stockgill Force waterfall. A very steady day just us and 1000 Japanese tourists.

dislike of the day

Children who scream while playing

like of the day

Fallbarrow caravan park

My feet

I am worried about my feet !!! We have been in the Lake District 8 days and I am sure I am growing webs between my toes. The first night in St Bees the wind was so strong it was rocking the camper. The second night it rained so hard the little stream behind us in the campsite became a raging torrent, washed away part of a piped land bridge, and the first footbridge on the coast to coast walk was washed away.

It was great to see June, Chris, Emma, Phil and the Kids, and we ate together every night. We had a trip into Whitehaven on the train. Its a long time since we were last there and the harbour has changed a lot, its now a great place to be.

But then it started raining again.

Manesty on the south shore of Lake Derwent near Keswick, I imagine is a very pretty spot, except this is the Lake District and it just rains, except on Bank holidays when it just rains very very heavy. We ventured out to Keswick on Saturday got absolutely soaked had a pub lunch and got the bus back. The site is set in woods with the pitches well spread out. But no wi-fi or mobile signal and the rain was so noisy on the roof we couldn’t even watch a dvd

The caravan club site at Hartley between Whitley Bay and Seaton Sluice is one of our favorites, its a small site on a slopping field down to the cliffs. This gives everyone a great view of St Marys Lighthouse.

It was great that Keith and John could spend a lot of time with us, mostly fishing and eating. All I caught was 2 crabs but Keith caught 2 pollack.

I had quite a lot of peas pudding and I was going to do a survey and mark them out of 10. But to be honest every one I had was fantastic so I give up marking then (they all got 10)

dislike of the day(Wendy)

Morrisons near Whitby selling Scottish crab not Whitby crab

like of the day

Having a ham and peas pudding sandwich and a bottle of beer in a car park

Like of the day

Like of the day

The caravan club ferry crossing £78 return for a camper and trailer and a v.i.p. lounge pass (free coffee and biscuits)

This is the first time I have stayed at Hawes, apart from walking through on the Pennine way. It is a great place plenty of shops pubs, and a great cheese museum. We had a great walk down to Bainbridge.

Then the next day a very interesting ride down to Aysgarth falls

We were supposed to go to Derbyshire next but due to the weather we have cancelled our sites and booked a ferry to go to France for 5 weeks, where we are going will be a surprise to us all.

like of the day

Going 12 miles on our bikes down the valley with a 15 m.p.h. tail wind.

Dislike of the day

Going back again including a 1 in 4 hill