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Hi hi, here is the slide deck and associated files from mine and Julian Robichaux Lotusphere 2012 session (Write Better Java Code: Debugging, Loggin and Unit Tests) HERE and HERE

files can also be found on the London Developer Co-ops goodies page

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Michael Ruhnau(18/01/2012 19:59:53 GMT)

Hi Mark,

I haven’t made it to your session but I am very impressed how much you covered. On question that came up to me while browsing through the slides:
Does the agent setting “Compile with debug information” have any (negative) implictions on a productive environment (performance, stability, whatever, … )?

Cheers – Michael

Andrew Magerman(19/01/2012 10:41:19 GMT)

Excellent resource. Thanks for all the effort, and for making it available.

Two or three slides elicited an “aaaah, so that’s how it works!”

Muchos gracias Mark!

Jason Hook(19/01/2012 10:22:07 GMT)

It’s now on my iPad. Looks really interesting! Good job Sir.

Martin Perrie(19/01/2012 14:00:53 GMT)

I second Michael’s comments. I’ve only skimmed through slide deck quickly, but very impressed with the level of detail and there are some tips that I can start using straight away.

Thanks guys.

Mark Myers(19/01/2012 13:37:15 GMT)

@Nick – FAB, really pleased that its useful

Mark Myers(19/01/2012 13:35:08 GMT)

@michael – all the bits we turned on for debugging and logging have minimal impact, any that do have impact are mentioned on the best practices slides

@Andrew – thank you very much Emoticon , i like the “aaaah” bit

@Jason – Cool!

Nick Wall(19/01/2012 13:32:57 GMT)

The Unit testing piece…great info, many thanks.

Mark Myers(19/01/2012 16:30:17 GMT)

@martin – Awesome!

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