Between Eastbourn and Beachy head

We have just spent 3 days at a 5 van certified location on a farm on the south downs between Eastbourn and Beachy head.

On a very still day we had a fantastic walk along the south downs way from Eastbourn via beachy head over the seven sisters to Westdean, and the bus back. A very good walk but a lot of ups and downs for a old Lincolnshire couple

Eastbour is a lovely large town with a fantastic promenade, gardens,smart hotels and a pier. The area is exceptionally clean and tidy, no rubbish or vandalism. But the best thing is the vast number of memorial benches all along the front, ideal for coffee breaks and lunches somewhere we will visit again.

Like of the day

At Eastbourn there is always a seat to have a cup of coffee and look at the view

Classic Quote

I know I smoke a bit, but I don’t drive on the M25 or eat at a Subways

Dislike of the day

Seagulls in the middle of the night

Public Information

As a young man it is very good to marry a younger woman. But remember they are very expensive to keep as you grow older, as they don’t get free bus travel or senior discounts at attractions as soon as yourself.

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