Well just 2 days before we are off on this years big trip (yahoooo). The camper is all but ready, it just needs fresh water and the fridge / freezer filling. So that leaves us a day and a half to clean and prepare the house for leaving for 3 months. We are going Dover – Dunkerque booked with the caravan club at a amazing £48 return.

We will have 2 days in France, then picking up the river Moselle on the Luxemborg boarder. We hope to follow the river downstream till it joins the Rhine at Koblenz. This is one of Germanys main wine areas (yippy). Then turning to follow the Rhine up river all the way to Lake Constance, through the Alps to Austria then Italy and if possible to meet our friends from the North Yorks Lotus club in Brescia for the start of the Milli Miglia. Then the lakes and back up through the Bavarian Alps to join the river Main back down to the Rhine, and retrace our journey back to the channel, then to Bristol for our 40th wedding
anniversary, and finally back to Stamford for a weekend with Buzz and Lynda.

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