Travelled through France

Top Tip

When doing a 3 point turn in a little village, using a entrance drive.Ensure the drive is not steep or your tow bar will make a groove in the tarmac.

update 18/4/2012

Its been a unusual day, Travelled through France, Belgium and into Luxumberg, booze cheap, cigs and cigs cheap, Diesel £1.04 a ltr (can’t fault the country)

We are now pitched in a marina sitting looking at the river Moselle and Germany. I even found a good quality Lawson whiskey at £8.00 a bottle, Despite the weather its going to be a good night, David Attenborough on the c.d. player, apple cakes in the fridge. Its a hard life being a old retired codger.

Like of the day

(Wendy) Winding forest roads with swathes of wood anenone

We are on a site beside the river in Charleville Mezieres which is in the Ardennes. We had a good ferry crossing, which was strange for us with using the tunnel for the last 7 years, Ferries seem so slow. But they are cheap. Tom Tom then took us through Belgium (because the motorways are free) The van is running great we have done 500 miles at a average 29 mpg thats better than our Zafira used to do.

I’m very concerned about Wendy she has grown hairs on her feet.

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