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Strawberries at 65p a large punit

Another day another country Austria. We are in a small site in a town called Reutte on our way to Innsbruck as you can see from the pic there is plenty of snow still on the hills.

We have come as far south in Germany as possible to lake Constance (Bodensee) We are in a town called Uberlingen on the shore of the lake.

It is a beautiful clean tourist town with a backdrop of snow covered mountains on the southern side. the weather is a lot better so I am giving my varicose veins a bit of fresh air

Like of the day

Italian lady who gave us a parking ticket for the stellplatz saveing us 10 euro

The river Moselle as it is called in France and Luxemborgh and mosel in Germany. Starts life in France then becomes the boarder between Luxemborgh and Germany. Then mianders to join the Rhein at Koblenz.

In this area it is a large river being used as a major transport link taking large barges of 2500 tons carrying mainly coal and sand

The main agriculture in the moselle (mosel) valley is wine growing, and every piece of available land is growing vines, even in Luxemborgh. This time of year they are freshly pruned waiting for the sun.

I found most interesting the little mono rails that took people up and grapes down the steep valleys. They look like some thing out of a Indiana Jones movie.

We had a good walk from Enkirch to Trarbach and back up the other side of the river, catching this little ferry back to the stellplatz.

The weather is still rubbish so we are going to head south to the Swisse boarder.

Like of the day

The best thing about a camper, you can set off in a morning change your mind 3 times and end up on a fantastic pitch that ticks all the boxes

Top Tip

When using a German camper service point for the first time make sure your water pipe connections are in good conditions as the water pressure is very high and you could get covered in cold water. (and the locals find it quite funny)

Classic Quote

The measure of a mans riches is the fewness of his wants

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