Italy Top Tip

Top Tip

Sites with new landscaped pitches are best reversed onto so when you start to sink you can drive off, and then pitch on the service road.

Ciao darlings we are now in Italy at a small site in the western dolomites at Monte Tellago. The trip over from Austria is a good run over the Brenner Pass. We used the ordinary roads as you need to purchase a pass for the Austrian motorways and we are over 3.5 ton so it’s quite expensive. It is about 120 miles from Innsbruck to Torento and the valley is quite narrow so hence the motorway for most of the distance is either on concrete stilts or through tunnels.

We had a good lunch stopped at this very high class restaurant. Pommr Frittes in plastic cartons. But probably the last chips before Pizza land (Italy)

One little bit of trouble in a small village with narrow roads, one street was a wing mirror to narrow. (but at least it just folded in)

Finally I would like to thank San Fran Keith and Mark for nameing the Egyptian goose and the Manderin duck thanks guys it makes us feel we are not alone out here.

Like of the day

Seeing my first black squirrel

Dislike of the day

Realizing that I know the difference between a wood anenome and a wood sorrel also a cowslip and a oxslip (am I being brain washed?)

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