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Since becoming a vegetarian and more recently a vegan I have probably eaten in a more healthy fashion than at any time in the last 20 years. When you’re a vegan you can obviously make good food for yourself at home any time, and there are lots of good veggie health food places to shop or eat in London, but sometimes you just want a hot dog or a mouthful of biscuits or generally some junk food.

Thankfully there is a place in London that fills that need, its Vx or SSOV (Secret Society of Vegans): It’s a shop that occupies the “oh F**K isn’t there a proper vegan version of that” area of the market. I go there every weekend to get both the interesting core of my week’s food as well as the treats that you simply can’t get elsewhere. I’m talking about vegan marshmallows, doner kebab meat, cheesecake and proper vegan cheese that actually bloody melts for amazing pizza, all the stuff you can’t seem to find in the more specialist food shops. While a number of vegan products like cheese and ‘meats’ can be found in other grocery shops around London, Vx seems to stock the best tried and tested versions out there, which makes sense seeing as the owner is vegan himself.

In addition to that, the shop provides shoes, clothes, pet food, cakes and pasties, with more of an urban feel than a hippy one. It’s owner is both very open-minded to new products and suggestions and very very careful that all the products he sells are truly vegan, which makes shopping there a blessed relief in this day and age when product ingredients are sometimes not listed clearly and sometimes they seem to change each week depending on third line suppliers.

The shop is quite small physically but don’t let that stop you going each week, as it’s crammed with a large variety of things and the stock changes rapidly as new products come out from the various suppliers so there is always something new to try (that’s my excuse for going to get one of the ace hot dogs and I’m sticking to it!!!)

There is also a webshop and they update their Twitter and Facebook meticulously, both with things such as opening hours, as well as new stock or cupcake flavour of the day etc.

One final thing, the shop is located only 4 mins walk from Kings Cross so if you are waiting for a train you can actually get something nice to each for a change!!


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