Well we are back on the Moselle which to us is better than the Rhein or Main.

We had a interesting walk yesterday, it was supposed to be up the river over a bridge and back down the other side. With not having walking maps for every area it all went a little wrong. In a vineyard the signs were missing and we ended up doing a high level walk. But at least the views were good. time we got back down to the river it was 3.30 and 8 miles back to camp. So we did the only thing any self respecting Englishman would do. We went for a beer and then caught a bus.

Feeling left out

We are on a site with 240 pitches. there are 6 German outfits, 233 flatlanders and 1 Brit, and we are the only ones without bikes, and 14 of us are not wearing clogs.


The Rhein between Frankfurt and Koblenz is a bit like a marine motorway with boat tours. It is very busy as a commercial artuary with all the trappings that come with tourism. The pictures you see in books of boats and castles along high cliffs, is actually only a 40mile stretch between Koblenz and Bingen.

One tricky point about the Rhein and its tributarys is flooding as you can see while we were there the river levels where high, but not as high as it gets as electric boxes in campsites are located about 6ft off the ground, and a lot of buildings like the restaurant on this site are built on stilts

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