France to UK

Well that’s the European part of this trip over, It has been fantastic 11 weeks and we are both upset that it is ending, it’s strange how easily it becomes a way of life and the camper becomes your home. But ever onward we are meeting Mark tonight then onto Bristol on Sunday.

The trip up from Luxemburg was very straight forward with 2 stops in aires, one free and the other 3 euros (we remember why we love France, it is so camper friendly) On one of the aires there were 8 brits thats more English than we have seen in 11 weeks. (so I had a good natter) The only tricky bit was around Lille where we nearly became a bonnet mascot on a Romanian truck

We also had some rain.


When standing in a car park on a windy day, doing a Winston Churchill impression with a cigar, and the kettle starts to whistle when you put your cigar on the tarmac, always trap it with stones, or it can get blown under a car and you look a twit stretching under a strangers

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