40th wedding anniversary

Instead of just doing something special for our 40th wedding anniversary on Tuesday (Wendy was a child bride) we decided to treat ourselves while in Bristol (instead of the sparse life we have lead over the last 3 months!!) Tuesday lunch we went to our favorite pub/restaurant the “The Pump House” The food is fantastic, they actually sell the bread and chutneys the chef makes.

Wednesday lunch we walked up to the Clifton suspension bridge, then into Jamies Italian for a very nice, what the menu calls a sampler feast.

Thursday, a quick march along to M & S’s food hall, then staggered back to the “Cottage Inn” which is next door to the site, for lunch.

Thursday evening we decided to eat at a waterside bar beside the theatre. It ended up being very enjoyable, there was a charity fancy dress event in Bristol and all the uni students were out.

I think these girls wanted to take me home (well any one can dream)

Midnight Tango, is different from what we would class as a show, it is purely dance no talking at all It was set in a South American bar with 2 men dancing for the attention of one woman. the 2 bar owners added comedy into the show.Vincent and Flavias dancing was fantastic and the live music very good.

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