It has been a great weekend Lynda and Buzz arranged to have a weekend with us in Stamford. After having a walk around a part of Rutland water and having lunch at a pub, we got very wet on the way back to the

But the highlight of the weekend was going to The George of Stamford.

Drinks and canape in the bar.

Then off into the York dining room for a fantastic meal.

We would like to thank Lynda and Buzz for there generosity and good company, it was a night to remember. (sounds like a song) Buzz definitively was the best business partner I could of ever had and a great friend.


On our way home we stopped at Waitrose for groceries to stock the house again. Well all the decisions, do i get Birdseye fish fingers or Youngs fish fingers or Waitrose fish fingers. It is absolutely exhausting, you finally get through the checkout. Then you are given a green token to put in a charity box, but then again BIG DECISION what box do i put it in!!!

No wonder I drink.

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