Well we have finally bought 2 bikes, I think we must have been the only camper people in Europe without 2 bikes sat on the back. We searched on the internet then from a friend we herd there was a company near
Lincolnwho made and supplied electric bikes (yes that’s right the ones with battery’s for old codgers). the company is So off we went, met the owner he suggested a 4 mile test ride (i thought I cant ride 4 miles) he reminded us that they are electric assisted and it would be easy, it was Wendy had a Dutch step through, and I had a city/mountain.

We had bought a Thule tow bar mounted rack so we could take them on the camper or car, this works fantastic and you cant tell its on the back

we have one problem Wendy is left handed so can’t take that hand off the handlebars. Hence she can only signal with her right arm (I am now getting fed up of going round in clockwise circles)


Watching the athletics last night I noticed all the long jumpers were wearing flight socks, is this because “they jump into the air”

huile delin

The French use linseed oil a lot, so when we moved into this house and took the lounge ceiling out, I bought some pitch pine beams from a friend of Sandra and Brian in Yorkshire. These were rough cut so I sanded them up and oiled them with linseed. Now 4 years later I decided to give them another coat they came up fantastic,” its a great oil”

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