Campers use bottled gas which is no problem at all in the U.K. Most have 2 bottles when one is empty you switch to the other and replace the empty one. Short trips to Europe is no problem as the bottles will last you. But the problem start on longer trips. Our camper uses gas for hob, oven, fridge/freezer, hot water and heating. When on a site with electric you only use gas for the hob, so therefore the gas usage will vary. But on average a full bottle lasts us about 40 / 50 nights though it can be as low as 10 nights if the heating is on 24/7

So on long trips it could be a problem, you can’t swap your English bottle for a continental one as the connections are all different (and they don’t want a Calor bottle) One way round this is to fit refillable

I fit the Gaslow bottles using stainless pipes (stops oil build up in appliances that you can get with rubber pipes). They are filled by driving along to you local garage that sells L.P.G. And topping them up.

There are a couple of little problems, L.P.G is a mixture of butane and propane and varies all over Europe and is not as hot as propane. Which means the kettle takes a little longer to boil (I can cope with that.) The main problem is there are a lot of different filler nozzles (what else could you expect in the European union) To overcome this you can buy adaptors for the different types of

L.P.G. Is a lot cheaper than bottled gas. This last trip after 10 weeks away I stopped at a German garage, the pump had a choice of 2 nozzles (which made it easier) great, so I filled them up. It cost 24Euro (£20) not bad for 10 weeks gas.

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