Golf quotes

Just a few of the great quotes from this years Open

“A divit big enough for the harvest festival”

“There is plenty of furniture in the bag to reach the green”

“If the wind gets up they will forced to take some timber”

A perfect Sunday

Buzz contacted me and asked if Wendy and I would like to go for a bike ride on Sunday. Lynda and Buzz are both good and experienced riders and have just got 2 new very nice touring bikes. So with a bit of trepidation I agreed (hoping battery power would compensate for our lack of ability and fitness)

They came around at 11.30 (a very civilised time) and we set off up the A16, turning up into the Wolds. Wendy and I riding battery bikes made it possible for us to ride along together. we rode thro Wold Newton to the for lunch, sat outside in the sunshine. (I had a sausage sandwich with chips “yummy”)

On the way back there where 2 big hills. The first one just outside Binbrook, Wendy who was leading left me by 50yds and on the second she actually overtook me. (sorry guys I hang my head in shame) Then back down into Louth. a 25 mile round trip. (my longest bike ride for 48 years)

Our first stop was the Wheatsheaf (to quench our thirst !!)

Later on we all met up at our house to watch The Open Golf, The German Grand Prix and The Tour of France Followed by a meal with a few Drinks.


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