Like of the day

Like of the day

The caravan club ferry crossing £78 return for a camper and trailer and a v.i.p. lounge pass (free coffee and biscuits)

This is the first time I have stayed at Hawes, apart from walking through on the Pennine way. It is a great place plenty of shops pubs, and a great cheese museum. We had a great walk down to Bainbridge.

Then the next day a very interesting ride down to Aysgarth falls

We were supposed to go to Derbyshire next but due to the weather we have cancelled our sites and booked a ferry to go to France for 5 weeks, where we are going will be a surprise to us all.

like of the day

Going 12 miles on our bikes down the valley with a 15 m.p.h. tail wind.

Dislike of the day

Going back again including a 1 in 4 hill

North Yorks

The south east corner of the North Yorks National Park is quite different from the bare boggy moors to the north and west, being mostly woodland and valleys. We are at West Ayton which is about 6 miles west of Scarborough. We had a good walk down the Forge valley, a big section of which is a nature reserve with a 2 mile board walk in the boggy valley bottom.

Scarborough was to far to walk for the day, but now having bikes it made it easy. We did a 24mile round trip including walking 2 mile along the busy proms. The English sea side holiday is still alive and kicking.

Now off to peas pudding land Yippee!!

No wi fi

Well I didn’t think these places exist any more No wi-fi No phone signal so I will post this when we get back to civilisation. We are in the Caravan Club site at Rosedale Abbey in the heart of the Yorkshire

It’s a quiet site in a quiet village that only comes to life at weekends. Sandra and Brian came up to see us on Sunday and we had a good Sunday lunch in the pub ‘it was great to see them. Today we have been for a walk up to the head of Rosedale and back down a old iron ore railway track.

While walking through the village I got talking to the village gardener / handyman who was starting to get things ready for the village show next weekend. I asked him was it a good show he replied “We have tractors, cows, sheep and this year we even have goats” He was also worried what he was going to do tonight,the local pub was closed for a private function, and he was barred from the top house. So he did not know how he would spend the evening. For all you golfers out there, this is a picture of the 5th green at Rosedale golf course.

It isn’t Lake Garda!!