Like of the day

Like of the day

The caravan club ferry crossing £78 return for a camper and trailer and a v.i.p. lounge pass (free coffee and biscuits)

This is the first time I have stayed at Hawes, apart from walking through on the Pennine way. It is a great place plenty of shops pubs, and a great cheese museum. We had a great walk down to Bainbridge.

Then the next day a very interesting ride down to Aysgarth falls

We were supposed to go to Derbyshire next but due to the weather we have cancelled our sites and booked a ferry to go to France for 5 weeks, where we are going will be a surprise to us all.

like of the day

Going 12 miles on our bikes down the valley with a 15 m.p.h. tail wind.

Dislike of the day

Going back again including a 1 in 4 hill

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