Bolton Abbey

Srid Wood, Bolton Abbey, North Yorks

I thought I would do a picture blog from yesterdays walk

The start of the walk at the entrance to strid wood

The strid

The warfe is 30ft deep here

The view of Turners famous landscape with Barton Tower in the distance

The Pavilion cafe and shop

Coming up to Bolton Priory

Bolton priory

Wood carvers set up in the woods

Lunch stop

Half way crossing the old Bolton bridge

The unusual tradition of banging coins in old logs?

The foot bridge that takes you back to the Pavilion

Nearly back just having a rest

Looking back on the Aquaduct bridge

Back to the camper

Geriatric cyclists

Well it was a day to unleash the geriatric cyclists on to the tourists of the Lake District. We started the day by catching the car ferry from Bowness across Windermere.

Then along the Lakeside to Wray Castle then on to Hawkshead, and back to the ferry,a great day out.

The sun is shining the sky blue and we are in the Lake District. How lucky is that!! We spent the day as tourists walking down to the lake at Bowness, catching a boat up to Waterhead.

Then a very pleasant walk thro Ambleside to Stockgill Force waterfall. A very steady day just us and 1000 Japanese tourists.

dislike of the day

Children who scream while playing

like of the day

Fallbarrow caravan park

My feet

I am worried about my feet !!! We have been in the Lake District 8 days and I am sure I am growing webs between my toes. The first night in St Bees the wind was so strong it was rocking the camper. The second night it rained so hard the little stream behind us in the campsite became a raging torrent, washed away part of a piped land bridge, and the first footbridge on the coast to coast walk was washed away.

It was great to see June, Chris, Emma, Phil and the Kids, and we ate together every night. We had a trip into Whitehaven on the train. Its a long time since we were last there and the harbour has changed a lot, its now a great place to be.

But then it started raining again.

Manesty on the south shore of Lake Derwent near Keswick, I imagine is a very pretty spot, except this is the Lake District and it just rains, except on Bank holidays when it just rains very very heavy. We ventured out to Keswick on Saturday got absolutely soaked had a pub lunch and got the bus back. The site is set in woods with the pitches well spread out. But no wi-fi or mobile signal and the rain was so noisy on the roof we couldn’t even watch a dvd

The caravan club site at Hartley between Whitley Bay and Seaton Sluice is one of our favorites, its a small site on a slopping field down to the cliffs. This gives everyone a great view of St Marys Lighthouse.

It was great that Keith and John could spend a lot of time with us, mostly fishing and eating. All I caught was 2 crabs but Keith caught 2 pollack.

I had quite a lot of peas pudding and I was going to do a survey and mark them out of 10. But to be honest every one I had was fantastic so I give up marking then (they all got 10)

dislike of the day(Wendy)

Morrisons near Whitby selling Scottish crab not Whitby crab

like of the day

Having a ham and peas pudding sandwich and a bottle of beer in a car park