St Cirq Lapopie

St-Cirq-Lapopie is the prettiest village in France and not a tourist shop to be seen only Artisan shops selling there own goods, and fantastic views.

The Lot valley is very dramatic, we walked down river this part of the path is cut into the cliff and a artist has cut shapes in the rock.

We drove along this road and through many arches like this. (this is the main road)

I think the building inspector missed the back of this house, when he checked the foundations.

They also grow tobacco but nobody is selling it on the roadside.

Rocamadour is noted as being one of the prettiest towns in France, well it is from a distance

It is full of tourist shops, Americans by the bus load are dropped of at the chateau at the top and picked up at the riverside car park. We were conned out of 8 euro, we parked at the aire at the top and the only way down looked like the funicular railway. We got on it took us half way down only 50m. Then we found out you can walk but there are no signs to tell you where the stairs are. The only good point was the aire was free (i’m getting a real cheapskate)

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