Connect 2013 Drinking Game

Sat on the Virgin Flight over to Orlando the wretch Ben Poole and I had time and booze on our hands and thus was the IBM Connect 2013 drinking game born!!

Rules: if you have a valid trigger but are not near any booze (how is this possible), tweet it (hash tag #icBooze), find someone you know ASAP and hark your self to a bar. If for some reason you are not able to do that and are being professional, tot your list up during the meet ups at the bar that night (yes this means you will have to go to a bar and be ‘Social’ {sound of Stickfight throwing up at the use of the word} , but no skulking in your room!!!)

1 Finger
  • A non-IBM employee says “social business” and looks like they mean it
  • You see someone buy David Leedy a drink
  • You get a question right at the [great geek challenge]( ).
  • You greet or introduce your self to someone by name in the rotunda
  • You actually make it to a session AND fill in the bloody evaluation afterwards (lazy sods)
2 Fingers
  • You see Ed Brill book signing a book
  • A senior member of IBM says lotusphere by mistake
  • When you make it to Kimonos take 2 fingers for each party/meet up you have attended already that night.
  • You hear the call of the Wild Kipper (if you don’t know what this sounds like, you soon will, you soon will!!!)
  • while you are in a bar someone sends at tweet with either the hashtag #ic13 or #IBMconnect and 4 or more exclamation marks (fake ones don’t count!!!!)
3 Fingers
  • You are guilty of committing one of the worst practice’s from Paul and Bill’s sessions.
  • For each client that actually asks for your card, if you are not a vendor then take 3 fingers if you have found something you are going to recommend to the powers that be when you get back to the office.
  • You see an un-signed Ed Brill book (only once per each book)
  • You find you are already drinking with a session speaker (both of you take 3 fingers)
1 full drink plus one for the person you see
  • You find David Leedy without a drink (don’t forget the hash tag).
  • You see [Bill Buchan]( ) trying to have a cigarette (don’t forget to take the cigarette off him).
  • You find a vendor from the show floor sitting exhausted outside looking like they have been though the bowels of Hades.

If you are running short of drink for this game while out and about, find a member of the London Developer Co-op and we will help you with that (if you look a good sort).

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