Ext deployment zip

A large number of Domino apps I develop solutions for seem to need a few jar files and more often than not these end up in the ext lib on the server (be that for speed/memory or conflict reasons)*

but such apps are a sod to deploy for administrators, I figured a simple and consistent zip file in the files section would make everybody’s life a bit simpler so I went and asked a top admin and this is the suggestion.


where XXXXXXXX is the name of the application (maybe a version number for the developer) and YYYYMMDD is the date the zip was added (yes include it despite the fact it will be in the files section as admin’s tend to store these things on the file system)

This file should contain:

  • An ‘Ext’ directory that contains the jar files you require
  • A java.policy file and any other files that need modifying containing the changes required
  • A “readme.txt” with you descriptions and justifications for the changes (enough justification so that the admin can take it to a manager if permission is needed)

*OSGI has not always made it to clients but it if has SHOW112 by Paul Fiore is an amazing presentation

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