Is It Important?

Sometimes with both large clients and multiple small clients, you are though no fault of your own faced with tons of simultaneous jobs at once, all of which are somehow the most important thing since the big bang, containing clients and managers both trying to see who can scream the loudest with you in the middle having to decide which one of the multiple tasks that all have to be done simultaneously you are actually going to do first.

If you tell anyone that someone else’s item is more important than theirs they tend to have a melt down, so the way I have personally found to deal with at least some of it, is a simple important/not important decision,

Important Problems

  1. Ones that cost or make money for a client.
  2. Ones that affect a client’s reputation with the wider world.
  3. Ones that would mean a state of compliance or none compliance with a legal or government office.

Unimportant Problems

  1. Everything else.

Amazingly I have not found manager at a large client that has ever taken me to task for taking a decision on this basis of this logic, so I can recommend it if you are in a pinch and don’t know which way to turn 🙂

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