New Anime Series: Kyoukai No Kanata

First Episode(s) Review for: Kyoukai No Kanata

A nice and understanding lad who helps others whenever he can but is a half demon is brutally stabbed but a nice and shy girl who happens to be a cursed demon slayer, despite this tricky start they are thrown together and try to get on while dealing with a whole truckload of emotional baggage (and demons)


Another example of my favourite type of soft tone anime, as if everything is filmed on a summer afternoon.

Plot Potential:

Plenty of meat here, they have used a lot of rich settings and good characters, so lots to work with, looking forward to see if the main bad guy is as interesting as the good guys.


Just like a serious high school “soap” anime but with fight scenes

Reminds me of:

Errr well, imagine if Akane from Ranma 1/2 became a demon hunter in the setting of K-On! and you are nearly there


I nice little series, Gripping enough to require your attention with good visuals and likable characters, thoroughly enjoying it and save for PG viewers.




Disclaimer: These are mini reviews of anime’s that are fresh out in Japan and are not licensed in the UK, buy them once they have been licensed or at the very least buy the merchandise, remember if the anime makers make a loss, THEY WILL STOP MAKING ANIME!!

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