LDC Giveaway

It all started with a simple rule:

Back when LDC were first starting to do promotions and freebies for conferences Matt White (who is less the leader of LDC and more the person we don’t argue with) laid down just one guideline

“Each year’s promotion must be better than the year before”

This was to ensure that we never degraded our giveaways into free pens, mouse mats or any of the other dross that marketing are sure will stick in the mind of a potential client

To this end we thought of amazing tshirts (you can get them from here as wallpapers) with thanks to Ben Poole and Julian Woodward for some truly original designs, but we were producing an original design for each day of IBM connect/Lotusphere (plus some for the other LUGS and things like the caffeine shot mugs) so our creative sap failed after a few years.

Then we came up with the conference survival kit which was heralded as “the best Lotusphere give away ever”

…….and so now we are f**ked

we have tried, oh heavens we have tried

we have brainstormed



and conceptualised



and pondered



and even gave it some thought



In the end the strain started to tell, Woowar lost his hearing and sanity to an over loud playing of the Macarena, Ben Poole lost the toilet and I lost the ability to not realise coffee flavoured tequila is not a good idea, then came a faint croak from the parched lips of an LDC member “I wish I had a magic drink ticket”

We focused on each other, “What? as in Beer tokens?”, “Yes, but posher”, “so we can buy people drinks at any time, you give them to people when you are not near a bar or when people are busy, so when they see any of us later we know we owe them a drink, it means that we can catch up with them, they don’t have to find the same LDC member to get said drink, win win all round”

“sounds a great plan, what could go wrong”

GIT Xpages Issue

I Little devil of an issue plagued me the other day, which I thought I would share


  1. You clone a git repository off a xpages app (I always use the git command shell).
  2. Then as normal in the package manager you open the local git clone as a “project”
  3. You right click on the project and associate it with a new nsf.
  4. This nsf you locate on your local machine.

you get tons of xPage and Custom control errors stating that you cant use this custom control even though the controls are obviously there and fine, editing and saving each custom control fixes the problem, but that means you are committing tons more than you need to, and other people using the same repository don’t have the issue.

The security on the NSF/Git clone you are associating with, has “enforce Local ACL” & Default does not have manager rights or above etc etc,
Basically you don’t have rights to the db you have just created, for some reason this does not show up till you close the database and re-open

Associate it to a new db on a server / get another contributor to change the ACL on the GIT hub version, you can change the security once the local db has been build but that has a tendency to touch all the custom controls, which means your git commit is huge and pointless