Collaboration Stack Event

All the smart Notes/Domino and Connections people I know have multiple arrows to their quiver. All the way from Salesforce though node.js to hard and dark programming and high availability admin on totally none IBM technologies, and while we whisper this knowledge to each other we never really present on it or yell it to the wider world, so when some of these said people introduced the following idea to me, I nearly bit the top off my can of Red Bull in excitement.

Collaboration Stack Community Networking Event

Do you work with collaboration platforms? Meet your peers at an informal, technical get-together. Whilst making valuable new contacts, you can share ideas, debate best practice and explore emerging technologies.

March 21st – London

Somewhere we can talk about all forms of collaboration, from the Biggest project Like IBM’s down to Kickstarter projects based on open source

We are just setting up and searching for more speakers that will present on subjects that leave you stunned and needing a stiff drink.

So if you have something that you have been inching to tell the world about see any member of LDC or The Turtle Partnership



TWITTER: csc_event



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