New Anime Series: Nobunaga The Fool

First Episode(s) Review for: Nobunaga The Fool

I gifted young girl and a brave Nobel lord feel each others presence from across the world, while the young man is involved in a war to determine the fate of Japan, will his love from far away be able to reach him and avert the death of millions….oh and here come the Mecha, Yus!!! 🙂


Lovely, really detailed and nice, with lots of shine, one of those anime that you show to people as an introduction to what quality animation looks like

Plot Potential:

I love a good Japanese steam punk battle, this one is totally epic, and wonderful to behold, the plot is growing with lots going on and if it is half as good as the visuals we will be in for a treat


Good operatic battle music, made me what to call out Guards, Knights, Squires Prepare for battle!!

Reminds me of:

Bits of Fate Stay Night, bits of samurai gun with characters from the Lotus Wars series


Conflict, fire, battle, betrayal and love across boundaries, its a sort of Arthurian Legend with knights of the round table from both Europe and Japan all beating the hell out of each other, Its the first epic Anime of the season, bring it on!!




Disclaimer: These are mini reviews of anime’s that are fresh out in Japan and are not licensed in the UK, buy them once they have been licensed or at the very least buy the merchandise, remember if the anime makers make a loss, THEY WILL STOP MAKING ANIME!!

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