IBM Connect 2014 Slide Decks

This year was my busiest year yet at Connect with 6 hours total on stage, and as there is a good chance that technical content will be cut from next years conference these might be my last presentations there, so enjoy

SHOW104 – Practical Java (with Julian Robichaux)

Sunday | 13:30-15:30 PM | Swan Osprey

Take a whirlwind tour of the many ways in which Java can make your life better as a developer. We’ll use Java in IBM Notes, Eclipse, and the latest IDEs. And we’ll show you examples of best of breed libraries that can analyze data, create PDFs, and perform image processing on the fly. Get connected to IBM Connections, access relational data, open sockets, and parse feeds. And along the way we’ll throw in tips for testing, performance, and writing good code.

#####SHOW303 – Proper Connections Development for Proper Domino Developers (with [Matt White](

_Tuesday | 10:30-12:15 | Swan Osprey_

This is a session with a mission: to take a much loved IBM Domino app and deploy it to a client’s new IBM Connections environment. We’ll show different solutions such as the use of iWidgets or creating a REST API to make the application available to IBM Connections users and walk you through the process, from beginning to end. If you’re an IBM Domino developer who knows nothing about IBM Connections, this is the session for you.

Source Code Snippets to be uploaded in a bit

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