Backing Up Websphere Config

As a connections developer you will be fiddling with you local Websphere configuration, and down that road madness lays, so before you touch anything the make the whole thing go BANG! (and quite frankly that can be anything, you need to know how to backup and restore the config.

To do this first go to the bin directory of your deployment manager, in my test server’s case that is (yours will most likely be very similar except for it being on “E”)


and just enter “backupconfig” giving the location of a new zip file you want created for everything to be stored in and wait for the stream of little dots to finish,


On a web sphere server with a ‘medium’ Connections installation on it, This will give you a Zip file of about 775Meg so make sure you have the space (on a side note go have a look inside the zip it’s fascinating, like some sort of config abattoir)
hopefully you wont want it but say your change broke everything and you need to put it all back as it was, you run the ‘restoreconfig’ comand, as follows using the Zip file you created


Again, just wait for it to be done, and things should start working again.
Of course its all fully documented on the IBM website if you know to look [Here]( And [Here](
_NOTE: I’m not a proper Web Sphere admin, If you want proper Web Sphere and Connections admin you want [the Turtle Partnership](

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