Collaboration Stack Community Agenda and Stuff

So the first Collaboration Stack Community Event Agenda is out, my slot in it has be nailed down, it is already half full and I’m getting over excited again!

Why you ask is Stickfight getting over excited about something that is not caffeine or alcohol.

Because this is the first “more than IBM” conference that I have been to that I have been anything more than just an attendee also I’m going to LEARN stuff as it does not use the normal “Sit there an listen to people talk” format.

This new format gives everyone a far better chance of telling people about the cool stuff they know about, with the best fringe benifit that as its in central London there will be tons of opportunities to have a quiet chat with people about stuff we can do together over a pint or two 🙂

If you want to hear me Rant, I will be getting my 10 mins in the fine company of Mark Barton and Steven Chapman at 2.15 – 2.45 speaking on Web Development Technologies.

Ah yes, you need to register as well at Event Brite

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