IBM Connections Dev Links

One of the main issues with getting started on proper IBM connections development is documentation, it turns out that IBM have been trying hard on this front but seemingly none of the small community of existing Connections devs that I know were aware of them, thanks to Philippe Riand for correcting that

1- SDK landing page

[]( )

A new version of this page is currently being worked upon which should be available soon. IBM want feedback on what is missing from the page

2- Playground

You’ll find a lot of samples here, including some OpenSocial gadgets you can experiment with

(HelloWorld example: )

IBM state that this playground is constantly improving. again please send them feedback on how to improve it.

3- The Youtube channel

You’ll find many videos recorded by the dev team.

4- The GitHub repository for the SDK and related samples

The fact that IBM have revealed that they have actually done content, means I am now being shamed into putting all my tips and tricks of Connections dev up, stay tuned

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