Connections Db Schema Tip2: Finding the UserID

Anyone who has had a dig around inside the back end SQL databases (or even compared a number of the ATOM feeds) for IBM Connections will have realised that ID’s are not a constant across the whole of Connections i.e. the userID that apparently created a file will not match the user ID that created a community even though you know that it was the same user that performed both actions, the reason for this is simple, IBM Connections was not build from the ground up as a cohesive whole, its a bunch of application and their databases that have been glued together, this makes it a bugger to link things together under the banner of a single user both for the more serious Developer and for Administrators trying restore/fix/edit records.

So I thought a little database relationship diagram would help make life a bit easier, the core of everything is the EMPLOYEE table in the PEOPLEDDB as that is where the global profile ID is generated for each person, you then have to find where that is mentioned in each of the applications individual member tables, from there you can use that to work out actually what that user has done in the system, thankfully most of the individual application database’s use the same sort of text identifier so they don’t cause a problem once you know they exist, the 2 exceptions are the FILES database which uses an IBM binary format (goodness know why, I’m guessing that it makes sense to use one for the files them selves and they were trying to be consistent within the FILES application) and the HOMEPAGE application in which the UNID is hidden inside a text string which you have to parse.

I will keep this diagram up to date, but please yell if you need more.

this diagram works equally well on both v4 and v4.5



NOTE: All these tips are not officaliy sanctioned by IBM as they do not release DB schema info to the public, so you use them at your own risk, Also if IBM are reading this and I either have somthing wrong or you have documented this for the public, then please tell me and I will correct 🙂

NOTE: I’m not a proper Connections / Web Sphere admin, If you want proper Web Sphere and Connections admin you want the Turtle Partnership

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