W.T.F. they made me an IBM Champion and a C-API tip

It would seem that truth is stranger than fiction and the truth is that I have been made an IBM champion

Now as I understand that you only get to be an IBM champion when you are recommended by people who can provide good reasons for you being one, I reckon I know who sponsored me for it and I would like to thank the 4 criminals that I believe are responsible…. its your fault

So this means a number of things

  1. I will be more respectful on my blog …… hahahahahaha!
  2. I will have to post more articles…. Groan
  3. I will have to post more USEFUL articles…. Groan x 2
  4. I have access to the rest of the IBM champions who turn out to be smart arses †

Ignoring that stuff it does mean that if I am luckily enough to work with the turtles again this year, there will be 3 IBM champions on the team ( Gab Davis , Mike Smith and me) which will really rock hard for clients.

† Here is an example of the IBM Champions solving a problem quickly

Mark Myers: here is an oldschool challange for IBM champions: where do you find a complete listing of the notes exceptions, and I don’t just mean the 3XXX and 4XXX ones, I need the 5XXX and 6XXX as well (in particular I want to confirm 6408 and find out what 5631 means)

Julian Robichaux: Mark, are the numbers you’re looking for in decimal or hex format?

Julian Robichaux: if they’re LotusScript, try running this agent and checking the codes in the resultant CSV file: http://www.nsftools.com/tips/ApiErrList.htm

Julian Robichaux: that’ll give you up to 3FFF in hex. In the API headers, that used to be the highest valid return code.

Mark Myers: not sure, just returned as an int, but that is a good point

Julian Robichaux: iirc (and it’s been a while), numbers higher than 3FFF were just bitmasked to indicate where the error came from (client or server, or something like that)

Mark Myers: ok

benedek.menesi: Well 5631 would be 15FF in Hex which is a valid error code and stands for “Cannot handle the import file. Check file name and file password”

Mark Myers: Oooooooooooooooo that would match the problem

Julian Robichaux: and 6408 is Wrong Password

As I said smart arses, shame they are nice as well

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